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Smaats-blulog R/F Temperature Monitoring System


Smaats blulog RF monitoring solution. is a fully automated tracking & monitoring solution using radio frequency to transfer data. 

RF Temperature /Humidity sensors (data loggers) collect data and transmit data using GSM/BT hubs to bluconsole cloud based high security platform. Users can view temperature data using web software and mobile applications. 

key Benefits

  • Reduce wastage
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Automated reports daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Cloud based software and accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Less maintenance 
  • Fast return of investment 
  • Cost efficient 

Credit Card Size universal technology

Smaats-Blulog NFC Temperature Monitoring System


Smaats blulog NFC monitoring solution.  is one of the high tech solution which easily accessed data using smartphone. NFC Temperature data logger equipped with the NFC technology along with GPS. It has efficient way of giving proof of delivery.

NFC loggers are small, credit-card sized devices that are able to automatically measure temperature and humidity. The data is stored in its memory and can be accessed within less than 2 sec using a bluTag mobile app

key Benefits

  • Proof of delivery
  • single use or multiple use devices 
  • IP67  protection
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Large memory up to 5000 measurements
  • Low cost 
  • Start recording anytime you wish using push button in the logger 
  • HTTPS protocol with SSL and AES128 data protection.

small size working as a individual unit

Smaats-Verigo Bluetooth Temperature Monitoring System


The Verigo monitoring solution makes it easy to increase the visibility of your supply chain, and improve safety of temperature sensitive products.

The wireless Bluetooth temperature sensors allows you to get instantly insight and visibility of your all shipments. Save time and eliminate the need to find your data logger, avoid opening and damaging containers to retrieve data.


Data access is fast via your smartphone/tablet to get information you need when you need. You receive alerts by e-mail/SMS text message and can send reports in PDF/CSV format directly from your smartphone.

Data can be viewed and shared from anywhere. The secure Cloud integrate data automatically. The simple web temperature monitoring platform allows to view any pods and audit every interaction : location, user identity, condition..

easy to use smply amazing

Smaats-JRI My Food Check HACCP Module


 enables restaurants and food service organizations to proactively detect temperature excursions, in addition to efficiently managing HACCP compliance logging during reception, cooking, hot and cold holding, and cooling of food products

MyFoodCheck simplifies the temperature measurement operations performed by the Bluetherm One connected thermometer. The reading of the values transmitted by Bluetherm One makes it possible to take quick decisions in case of exceeding the thresholds set.


  • Measurement range : -199.9°C to +1 372°C
  • Accuracy : ±0.4°C ±1% of the reading depending on the probe
  • Communication : Bluetooth 
  • Resolution : 0.1
  • Protection : IP65
  • Sensor: PT 100 class A Internal
  • Display : LCD Screen
  • Dimensions : 66 x 109 x 34 mm
  • Weight : 165 g
  • Part Nrs. : 12422

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